PV module clamps

Module mounting parts for photovoltaics

Made by ALTEC PV mounting systems

PV module clamps for fastening photovoltaic modules. ALTEC PV mounting systems supplies clamps for different module frame heights, which are available as mid-clamps or end-clamps. You can use black anodised PV module clamps to install black solar modules in matching colour.

PV module clamps – direct from the manufacturer

If you would like to purchase a PV module clamps direct from the manufacturer, then you are in the right place with ALTEC. The module mounting parts for photovoltaic systems are manufactured in-house and can be optimally installed as part of the ALTEC PV mounting systems. The (re-)delivery of specific components, if they are required, is quick and straightforward too as a result.

Black clamps for PV modules

Black clamps for PV modules are the ideal choice for mounting a PV substructure with colour to match black solar modules. The PV module mounting parts get their black colour thanks to the surface finish from anodising, when the outer layer is converted into an oxide layer.