PV elevation

Elevation for PV modules

The PV elevation is normally used to mount the solar modules on a flat roof.  If the pitch is not optimum for PV modules on a pitched roof, it can also be used on a pitched roof.  The choice of right elevation as a PV substructure depends on the planned orientation of the modules and the desired angle. For mounting the solar modules without a continuous base rail, we recommend ordering the PV elevation as a set. 

Elevation angles – complete sets

You can conveniently buy elevation angles in a modular system. To ensure you select the right item for your PV elevation, you will need to know the tilt angle and the module alignment (vertical/horizontal). The brackets can be combined with all roof mounting parts. You can choose from complete bracket sets including screw sets and cross-connectors or just the individual parts. Complete angles are the right choice if you do not require a continuous base rail for elevation of the PV modules.

Elevation angles – individual parts

If you want to fit a continuous base rail for your PV elevation, we recommend using single components. You can order our 40 × 40 standard profile up to 6 m in length as a base profile, as well as the corresponding bearing brackets, support brackets, cross-connectors and screw sets.

Use the 40 × 40 standard profile (not included in the set) as the mounting profile for the PV elevation. The length is based on the module size + clamp spacing + space for fitting the end-clamps. Diagonal struts are sold separately, and are fitted to the end or start of a row of modules and after 10 modules in the opposite direction.

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