Roof hooks for PV systems

PV roof hooks & roof mounting parts

Made in Germany by ALTEC

Roof mounting parts and roof hooks for PV systems are the basis of the substructure and the PV mounting systems for tile roofs. Different roof mounting parts and roof hooks are required, depending on the type of roof covering. At ALTEC, you get the right PV roof hooks for trapezoidal roofs, pantile roofs, plain tiles, shingle roofs, slate roofs and seamed roofs (e.g. standing seam and round seam).

Roof hooks for PV systems

Roof hooks for PV systems are used to fasten the solar modules to the roof safely and stably, without damaging it. When choosing the right PV roof hooks and roof mounting parts, you have to think about the tile covering of the roof.

The  pantile roof hooks for PV systems  ("Frankfurter Pfanne" roof tile hooks) are specially designed for use on pantile roofs and are attached directly to the rafters. When using PV roof hooks with a batten height of more than 30 mm, using rafter shims and longer flat head screws is recommended.

The shingle roofs are connected by fastening the roof hooks for the PV system to the rafters through the formwork. For the short shingle roof hooks, you need two countersunk wood screws with a size of 6 × 80 mm. Once the PV roof hook has been installed, it should be sealed carefully.

Slate roof hooks for PV systems  are fastened by screwing them to the rafters using the formwork. The long slate roof hooks  require three screws. Once the PV roof hooks have been installed, they should be sealed carefully.

When using the plain tile roof hooks for PV systems, two flat head screws must be attached directly to the rafter. These PV roof hooks are ideal for attaching PV systems to plain tile roofs. As the overhanging bracket of the plain tile roof hook is supported on the clay tile, we recommend replacing the tiles with corresponding plain metal tile.

Adjustable roof hooks for PV systems

Whether it's a "Frankfurter Pfanne" roof or plain tile – at ALTEC you can also get the right adjustable PV roof hooks for various tile roofs. The height of the stainless steel roof mounting parts can be flexibly adjusted, which means that the adjustable roof hooks for PV systems offer a high degree of flexibility along with simple installation.

PV roof hooks – direct from the manufacturer

The roof hooks for PV systems are made of robust stainless steel and can be optimally combined with the PV mounting systems from ALTEC. Just as the PV substructures, the PV roof hooks from ALTEC  are also manufactured in-housed and can therefore be (re-)delivered quickly. ALTEC Metalltechnik GmbH is not only the right contact to call when it comes to manufacturing roof mounting parts, it also provides the support in planning mounting systems so that your projects can be implemented with optimum materials and process.