Shingle roof hooks

PV roof hooks for shingle roofs

The PV roof hooks for shingle roofs are part of the PV mounting system for shingle roofs. For mounting, the shingle roof hooks are screwed through the formwork onto the rafters, with two 6 x 80 mm countersunk wood screws required to fasten the short roof hooks. After mounting, the PV roof hook on the shingle roof should be sealed carefully.

Shingle roof hooks – variations

The PV roof hooks for shingle roofs are available from ALTEC in various designs. In addition to "normal" shingle roof hooks, you can also opt for our height-adjustable roof hooks. The major benefits of height-adjustable shingle roof hooks include their great flexibility and adaptability, as well as simple installation.

Shingle roof hooks – direct from the manufacturer

If you are looking for shingle roof hooks direct from the manufacturer, you will always find what you are looking for at ALTEC. The stainless steel shingle roof hooks are manufactured in-house and can be optimally installed in combination with the ALTEC PV mounting systems. As manufacturing is in-house, (re-)delivery of the shingle roof hooks is also quick and straightforward.

"PV roof hooks at a glance"

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